Scar Therapy

Scar therapy is available for new and old scars. Scars can be post surgical or post injury, surface or below the skin.

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Wrinkle Therapy

Addressing the causes of wrinkles reduces their appearance and creates a more youthful and vibrant appearnace.

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Begin With A Consultation

Every body is different and responds to trauma and "aging" differently. Our experience has shown that a customized approach is the most effective.

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We Address A Complex Problem

Scar tissue is a silent epidemic. Most people have some form of scar tissue which can come from surgery, injury, infection, and many other things. Our QuadCore Microcurrent Process encourages the body to remove dead tissue, increase collagen, elastin, blood, and lymphatic flow. This synergistic process reduces the appearance and increases the function in the affected area.

Wrinkles are a specific type of scar-like tissue. It has underlying causes that can start at the cellular level. Issues like sun damage, toxin and microbial exposure can create changes in the skin, and create unsupported areas underneath the skin creating wrinkles and sagging.

Our QuadCore Microcurrent System Medical and our QuadCore Microcurrent System Beauty have a fundamental design that allows for the correction and rejuvenation of the fundamental causes of body issues that our clients find less than desirable.

Our systems are nonsurgical, noninvasive, non toxic, and show immediate improvements to any treated area. We take a care to understand how your challenges have been effecting you, what is causing the problem, and only then do we create a custom program for your specific challenge.

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